2019-20 Design-a-Pin Contest

Student members may submit designs for a lapel pin by the submit date: October 31st, 2019. Pins will be 1” in diameter and may be designed in various shapes. The designs may have a maximum of 5 solid colors but may include glitter or metallic colors. No gradients will be allowed unless specified on the form that it is to represent a metallic color. Photos are not permitted in the design. Design must include the following items:

Students may submit more than one design. Designs will be reviewed by the design committee and an email will be sent to confirm receipt of entry. Any design submitted after submit date (October 31st, 2019) will be rejected. Any design unable to be produced by the pin company will be sent back to the student/adviser with design modifications required. Any resubmitted design(s) must adhere to the original submit date (October 31st, 2019.)

All pin designs will be displayed at the 2019 Fall Leadership Development Conference using the “Design Submission Information” section of the entry form. Student members registered at the 2019 Fall Leadership Development Conference will vote during the closing general session.

We reserve the right during the design reformat process to make modifications to the design.

The student with the winning design will be announced at the 2019 Fall Leadership Development Conference and an award will be presented at the 2020 State Leadership Conference.

Click here to download the Design a Pin contest guidelines and submission form.

Click here to download state logos in a zip file.

Click here to download flyer.

Email the entry form to kevin.davio.pdf@gmail.com