Professional Division
On April 9, 1976 the State Executive Council approved the formation of the North Carolina Ph Beta Lambda Alumni Association, the first nationwide.  By 1977, the National organization realizing that graduating members did want to stay involved, founded the National FBLA-PBL Alumni Association.

In 1987, to increase awareness of FBLA-PBL, Inc., “supporters” such as business people, educators, and parents were invited to join as well as PBL alumni.  The name was changed to the Professional Division.

Over the years, membership has grown to today there are nearly 200+ members strong representing local chapters throughout the state.  Since 1993, the NCPBL Professional Division has been number one in the nation for largest chapter membership.  No other state Professional Division chapter can claim that fame!

Foundation, Inc.
February 6, 2002, the NCPBL Foundation received the Articles of Incorporation from the State of North Carolina. The Foundation was established to generate business and professional financial support. A 14-member board of directors and elected officers was established. The corporation received 501(c) (3) status on July 21, 2003.

The primary purpose of the corporation was to promote and support the education and financial needs of North Carolina Phi Beta Lambda local and state chapters and its members. It was organized exclusively for education purposes. The NCPBL Foundation membership was open to all individuals interested in promoting and supporting the purpose (as stated in the bylaws) of the organization. All NCPBL Professional Division members were automatically members of the Foundation.

Professional Division-Foundation, Inc.
A merger was conceived to eliminate duplication of efforts and resources. The purpose, mission and goals of the two organizations were so similar that consolidation was deemed more productive. In 2012 the Professional Division and the Foundation, Inc. were merged into one organization now named the North Carolina Phi Beta Professional Division-Foundation, Inc., or NCPBL PDF.

The purpose of the NCPBL PDF shall be to provide an opportunity for professionals and alumni to further the goals of Phi Beta Lambda within the state and to provide for financial stability to North Carolina Phi Beta Lambda. In June 2012 the newly elected 10 member board held the first strategic planning meeting to establish policies and programs of work.